I am Cristóbal Alcázar

I’m broadly interested in Data Science related topics such as machine learning, computer vision, privacy-preserving machine learning, explainable AI, and information visualization. Student at @TokyoDS (now @acalonia_n).

In my free time, I read sci-fi, non-fiction and novels.

I like Data Visualization. I co-created, collaborate, and then taught the course called Data Journalism at the University of Chile, which brought engineering and journalism students together to use data science tools to create data narratives on social issues using data visualizations.

I have experience working during the openness phase in the card payment industry in Chile, first in a public-private joint venture. Then during the launch of the payment’s subsidiary of a public bank, focused on giving payment solutions for small and medium enterprises with the mission of increasing financial inclusion in the country.

Previously, I worked in the Macroeconomic Statistics area at the Central Bank of Chile.

I believe that computational fluency is an essential skill. I wrote a chapter about digital literacy and computational thinking for the book Inteligencia Artificial y Bienestar de las Juventudes en América Latina. You can read it here (page 127-135).

My CV is available here.


"Visualización de Datos con Python"
GitHub / Open in Colab / Slides / Recording - 10/2021 Women in Data - Guatemala Chapter (Webinar)