Cristóbal Alcázar

I graduated from Adolfo Ibañez University (Chile) in 2015 with a master degree in Finance and a bachelor in business administration from the same university. At the same year, I had interest to combine finance with more technical programming skills…so trough this path I had my first incursion on real scientific programming with R –the statistical programming language–from then I being impressed by the powerful intersection between programming, math, data and the infinity applications in many fields.

Currently I’m a data analyst working at the Central Bank of Chile and I have the ambition to play a role in the field of artificial intelligence. My view is that in the near future data will be the lingua franca on a digitized world. For that reason people with different backgrounds need to contribute on how world is changing and this requires an interdisciplinary set of skills.

So to achieve this goal I adopted a learning by doing approach and I became a self learning monk with the help of many online resources and cups of tea.

None mastery is acquiered without deliberative and consistent practice, as Peter Norvig said in his post Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years…so this blog have the purpose to left a trail of my learning, help my future self and to communicate ideas and projects.

Also I love reading!

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